A tracker-on-a-chip integrates the world's first indoor satellite communication modem and wraps it with everything needed to build innovative, low cost tracking and monitoring solutions.

Fully Integrated endpoint SoC

  • Totum DMSS direct-to-satellite modem
  • RF transceiver including PA
  • Dedicated applications processor and memory
  • Power management subsystem
  • SoC provided by Orca Systems, Inc.

Ultra-Low Power Operation Enables 10-year Battery Life

  • Instant Connect means virtually no overhead on wake, anywhere on the globe
  • Ephemeris tracking minimizes power consumption when satellites are out of view

Cost Effective

  • Deeply integrated, 22nm SoC eliminates external app processor, memory & transceiver
  • Needs only low-cost, pcb mount antenna
  • Add sensors, battery and enclosure for a compact, sub $10 tracker

Compact & No aiming required

  • 8x8mm QFN chip package and stamp sized modem
  • Superior link margin means no directional antennas enabling orientation insensitive solutions

Industrial-Grade Security

  • AES CCM encryption & message authentication
  • Secure provisioning & key storage

Totum's initial network consists of 28 cubesat satellites each the size of a breadbox (6U in cubesat lingo).

  • Bidirectional connectivity with downlink multicast
  • Reliable and secure ACK based delivery
  • Flexible message sizing
  • Device to cloud latency of 10-15 minutes
  • 20 dB excess link margin for indoor / interior operation

Modern, simple cloud interfaces and portal enables quick startup. A full suite of fleet management capabilities ensures secure, efficient visibility and control of millions of devices.

  • Message Payload via pub-sub interface
  • Device Management via REST API and secure portal including hierarchical access, activation, configuration, FW updates
  • Subscription and Billing including accounting logs, service plans, payment
  • Network Status by region and service

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