At Last, Global Coverage without Compromise

Forget everything you know about IoT connectivity. Totum has opened a brand-new category of IoT connectivity solutions. One that delivers the benefit of simple, global satellite coverage in a low-power, cost effective solution superior to cellular.

Diagram Showing Totum's Revolutionary Sensor-to-Satellite Connectivity



We're Different. And Here's Why it Matters.

In the world of IoT tracking and monitoring applications, the status quo for connectivity simply isn't good enough. Whether it's coverage gaps and the unreliable power consumption of a cellular modem, or the cost and size of satellite solutions, scaling your IoT solution demands better.

Enter Totum.

2.4 GHz LEO Satellite Coverage

One radio provides worldwide coverage

Indoor Reach

Using PCB chip antenna

Location Fixes to 20m

No GNSS module needed

Game-Changing TCO

Massively integrated endpoint SoC is a "tracker-on-a-chip"

Service pricing competitive w/ cellular

10+ Years Battery Life

Power optimized 22nm SoC

Advanced sleep algorithms

Compact Size &
No-Fuss Positioning

Business-card sized solution

Mounts in any orientation